Selling your home is a very important transaction! Having a qualified REALTOR® representing you will help you attain the best purchase price for your home. Listing photos are also extremely important. Click here to check out our professional listing photo gallery.

If you are thinking about selling your home, allow us to offer our expertise and help make the transaction as smooth as possible. We will meet with you and do a Free Comparative Market Analysis of your home to determine what we feel it is worth in the current market. We will also describe how we will market your property to get it in front of prospective buyers and sell within a reasonable amount of time! Contact us today at 708-307-9616 or via email at

Map Of Our Active Listings & Sold Properties

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Below is a chart of resale properties for sale that are traditional sales, meaning no short sales or foreclosures. You can see the market data for the cities of Homer Glen, Lockport, Mokena and New Lenox over the last 3 years.

Things You Can Do To Help Your Home Sell:


  • Pay Attention to Detail: Pay close attention to the smallest details in your home because potential buyers sure will! Items needing minor repairs that you may have been putting off should be fixed, such as clogged drains, painting that needs attention, faucets that drip, etc. Although these repairs are minor in nature, in a potential buyer's eyes, they might see all the work that has to be done once they move in.
  • Create a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere: Buyers want to imagine themselves "living" in your home, as in the episode of King of Queens where Kerry plays the Mom of a "fake" family staged in a model home to let buyers see what it could be like to live there. While the Leave-It-To-Beaver-type family of actors playing board games and baking cookies as potential buyers walked through was a little extreme, it wouldn't hurt to take a few more subtle tips from HGTV and light some candles or turn on some mood-lighting.
  • Do As Mom Always Said and "Clean Your Room!": Buyers are NOT impressed by clutter and it should be cleared up and organized before they arrive. In some cases, it even makes sense to rent a storage unit to keep it until you sell your home. Having the bare-minimum furniture and furnishings in your home creates that "model home" feel that excites buyers. Clearing away the clutter also lets buyers see the true potential of a room, rather than just seeing the clutter.
  • Eliminate Stinky Pet Odors: While I myself am a HUGE animal lover, having two dogs of my own, let's be honest...while comforting us with their companionship and loyalty, our pets don't always have the nicest odors to accompany their love. Us animal lovers may not mind the smell of our own lovable pets, but potential buyers probably will. Not everyone who walks through your door will even like animals (hard to imagine, I know) and some potential buyers may even be allergic. Although it may be unimaginable living without Fido for even one day, it may be in your best interest as a seller to have your pet stay with a close friend or family member while trying to sell your home. Additionally, it may be a good investment to have any carpeting professionally cleaned to get rid of any pet odors that you may be immune to but buyers would surely notice!
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