Preparing your house for the upcoming cold weather

Are you wanting to save yourself some money in the coming months?  Let The York Team help you out with that.  There are many different ways you can save on energy and items around the house that will result in lower bills.

  • Use a thermostat that is programmable.  Many of us have routines we follow each day such as going to work and getting home at a certain time.  Something as simple as setting your thermostat lower while you are at work and raising it before you get home will save you energy and money.
  • Change your ceiling fan setting.  Did you know that you can change your ceiling fan direction to make it more efficient?   One setting pushes the air down and the other draws the air up towards the ceiling.  During the summer make sure that the air is pushing down to keep it cooler and during the cold months you'll want it turning clockwise at a lower speed so that it creates an updraft.  This forces the warm air at the ceiling down towards you.  Changing these settings will help regulate the temperature and use less energy.
  • Windows. There are a couple actions you can take with your windows to help in the coolers months.  Open your blinds or drapes to let in sunlight.  Taking out the screens will also allow more light to come in to naturally warm your house.  Caulk or weatherstrip around the windows that may have an air leak
  • Fireplaces.  By just leaving your fireplace damper open can cause a pretty big draft.  Make sure you keep that closed unless you are having a fire.  You can caulk around the fireplace as well to eliminate any drafts.  Installing glass doors will also help keep the warm air in.  If you don't use your fireplace at all you can plug and seal the chimney flue so that air doesn't come in.
  • Decorations.  A lot of us use lights to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Using LED lights help reduce the cost.  They also have a longer life span that regular lights so that is less running to the store.
  • Furnace.  Make sure you change your furnace filter every month to keep it efficient.  Stock up when they are on sale and keep a calendar next to the furnace to keep track of when you changed the filter.