Why you should list your property during the holidays

Have you been thinking about listing your house right now but think it is a bad time because everyone is so busy preparing for the holidays?  Think again!  Although there are fewer buyers out looking, the ones that are looking are serious.  The decrease in inventory will be an advantage for selling your house.   

There are a few things you should consider when listing your property.  First, make sure you seek out a reliable and experienced real estate agent.  There are some agents that cut back their work during the holidays so it is important to find agents that will work hard to sell your property.   Since buyers are not going to want to trek out in the cold weather for nothing, make sure your agent takes professional pictures.  The pictures online are truly your first showing so you want to have an agent that takes their time taking the pictures with a professional camera.

Also, just because you’ll have people through doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate.  Putting up some decorations will make your house appear warm and cozy.  Just don’t overdo all the decorations.  When you have a showing put on some Christmas music, light some candles, and make sure it is warm since the buyers are probably going to be cold from looking out in the cold weather.

We all know that spring is the busiest time of year in real estate.  By listing and selling your property now you have more of a chance to buy in the spring as non-contingent.  This means that you will have a better chance of securing the property you want to buy.  Since there are more properties on the market in the spring you can hopefully sell yours high when the inventory is down and buy cheaper when the inventory is high!

Let The York Team help list and sell your property fast during this holiday season.  We work hard year round, we are very advanced in social media which will help sell your property fast, and we use a professional camera.  Check out our website and personal business pages for reviews.  We look forward to working with you!