To list or not to list....with an agent

Are you on the fence in deciding if you should try listing your property on your own or with a real estate agent?  You think how hard can it be?  I know my friends will spread the word and the sign out in front will bring a lot of attention to people driving by.  I can get away with paying an agent thousands of dollars!  But this isn’t always true.

According to The National Association of REALTORS®, listing with an agent can get you up to 14% more for your home.  That could be over 40k if you are listing around 300k.  Real estate agents are professionals and listing properties is what they do.  They use comparables, condition of your property, upgrades you have made, and many other factors when selling your house.  Of course a seller wants to get the most money for their property but if a house isn’t priced properly it will not sell.

Not only will an agent get you top dollar for your property but they are there to keep you and your property safe.  When a homeowner lists their property themselves they will have random, most likely unqualified strangers, walking through their home.  When you list with an agent, we make sure they buyer is qualified and is serious about buying.  Our number one priority as an agent is to keep our clients safe.  

The list goes on why you should list with an agent.  The amount of time your house will be on the market, websites we can market your property on, helping with the whole process are just a few more reasons. 

If the CEO of used a real estate agent to sell his home, you know we are doing something right.  

If you are debating whether or not you should list with an agent take a moment to look at our website.  Read our reviews and check out why listing with The York Team is the right choice in selling your house.