New Year, New Attitude!

New Year, New Attitude!

Is there anyone else out there that has a New Year's resolution to keep their house cleaner and tidier?  If so, take a look below for some household tips that will make your life easier!

- When you move furniture that has been in the same spot it leaves indents in the carpet that is impossible to remove.  Not anymore.  Put down a towel, keep an iron over the spot for 20-30 seconds, and remove.  No more indent!

- Want to grill but you are sick of cleaning your indoor grill or panini maker?  Since you can't put the whole thing in water to easily clean line the grill with aluminum foil for easy clean up.

- If you have a lot of cleaning supplies try using a hanging shoe rack to keep them organized and easy to reach.

- Baseboards seems to attract a lot of dust and dirt being so close to the ground.  Try using a fabric softener to clean them fast.

- Do you have a lot of keys on your key ring?  Use nail polish to quickly identify the one you are looking for.Another tip for the key ring is to use a staple remover to easily open the ring to put more keys on instead of using  your nails.

- Doing some painting in the new year?  Wrap a rubber band around the open paint can to wipe the brush on.  This will help in keeping the paint off the top and sides of the can.

- If you are still putting Christmas decorations away this one should help.  Cut a toilet paper roll and use as a cuff around your wrapping paper.  This will help keep it from unrolling.

- Thought Kool Aid was just for drinking?  Use lemonade flavored Kool Aid in your dishwasher to get rid of stuck on food, rust stains, and smells. Any other citrus flavored drink mixes should work as well.

- Throwing a handful of ice cubes in your garbage disposal and running it with cold water every few weeks will help break up grease and keep your drain clean.  If you want it to smell better try throwing in some lemon or orange peels.

Hope these make your life a little easier :)