What does a real estate agent really do?

There are an endless amount of situations that can pop up during a real estate transaction.  First, we need to find our buyer a property.  While some buyers find their dream house within the first couple times they go out there are also some buyers that have a harder time and an agent can show them 40-50 properties or more spanning over a time frame of many months.

What to look for in a real estate agent

The spring market is here!  Soon you will be seeing many new properties coming on the market.  If you are thinking of listing your property now like many others there are a few things your should consider.

To list or not to list....with an agent

Are you on the fence in deciding if you should try listing your property on your own or with a real estate agent?  You think how hard can it be?  I know my friends will spread the word and the sign out in front will bring a lot of attention to people